Charlotte Boiron Photographe

Hey !

First name: Charlotte

Age: 28

Profession: Photographer

Address: Reunion Island and all over the world!

Offence: Thinks she's a mermaid

Passions : photography, ponies, flowers and carambars caramel

Character (I asked some friends because it's a difficult question!):
Smiling, funny, passionate, poetic, curious and adventurous!

Ambition: To become the official mermaids'photographer!


This fascinating universe has always been in my life.

It all began when I was 17. I was a student in the Art class for my high school diploma, and more precisely photography.

My project was not underwater; it was macro photography. The theme? The staging of an element: water!

It’s important to show you these photos. Because they are the ones that, 10 years later, remind me of where I come from.

I’ve lost the digital formats. I only found the printed photos, on the simple high school printer. I was so afraid I’d lost them! Some of them even got a little moldy in my grandparents’ attic. But it doesn’t matter! These photos are very important to me. They are the first stone, the first drop of water, of a bigger project: what I am.

The axes of this project? Fluidity, highlights on water and abstraction. Doesn’t that remind you of anything? …

A partner in crime ?

Yes! His name is Renaud, and he’s a photographer too.

Our hunting ground when we’re together? Weddings all over the world!

Our code name? The W!