Good morning, everyone!

A baby swimming photo session, it has to be prepared! Today we will discuss all your questions and concerns about your baby’s underwater shooting.

At what age can we do a baby swimming photo session?

The ideal age is from 10 months. But it’s not so much the age that counts, but rather his ease in the water.

Baby must be used to going in the water, and he must know how to put his head in the water by himself, without the parents forcing him.

It has to be a good time for baby too! The idea is not to force him.

How many adults are needed for baby’s safety?

For a safe baby photo session, you need two adults. Why? Because baby will throw himself into the water from the arms of one of the two parents, and be caught by the other opposite.

This is very important!

How long does a baby swimming photo session last?

The duration of a baby photo session is variable, because it depends on the baby! It takes an average of an hour and a half in total, the time to prepare, to go in the water quietly.

If baby is cold, or not well, we take the time for him, and we start again a few minutes later!

Dressed or naked?

It is necessary to provide a layer that goes in the water, and above, a nice swimsuit!

If the session takes place in your pool, we can take naked pictures if you wish. If it’s in a public pool, it’s too risky!

Swimming pool or lagoon?

For a baby session, the question does not arise, it is 99% of cases in the pool. Indeed the water is soft and does not sting baby’s eyes!

Can older siblings come?

Of course!

They can take some pictures with their little brother/sister, jumping into the water at the same time, for a nice family picture!

How to make a reservation?

Just go to the “contact” tab and leave me a message. I’ll answer you very quickly!

See you soon underwater! I can’t wait!


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