Exhibition : Sourde

Messages expressed underwater and printed in cyanotype

No one hears them. Their cry, their rage remains muffled. But what do they want to tell us?

Each of them has something to say, but it is never heard.

Their message remains deaf. So they scream. Loudly. As loud as they can. The water holds back the sounds. And their message with it.

Underwater, their expression is free. Nothing hinders them, not even gravity. Their bodies, their entire souls express themselves without constraint.

It is up to the visitor to imagine and interpret the meaning of each cry, of each expression.

The stroll through all these deaf messages.

Will they be heard?

I have been working on this project since February 2020. Anyone who wanted to come and express a message underwater with me could do so. Everyone was welcome.

More than 30 people participated. Each of the photographs presented today is the expression of a person, underwater.

Before each moment in the water, we discussed, exchanged and found the best way to express their message in pictures.

Each of them used their body and soul to express themselves in the water, without constraint. The water holds back their cry but allows them to express themselves freely, without being seen or heard. A space outside of time.

I asked them to write me a word, a sentence, a paragraph, about what they wanted to say, to express. You can discover all these deaf messages.

It is up to you to link the messages to the images.

The Exhibition

The opening took place on Thursday 12 May at the La Gare gallery in Saint Pierre, Reunion Island.

The exhibition will last until 15 June 2022.

The opening

Here are some pictures of the vernissage that took place on 12 May 2022 at La Gare gallery!