Exhibition : ELLES

A ballet of the aquatic bodies

Their names are Jen, Shain, Shain, Marion, Pauline, Amber, Marlene, Caroline, Alysée, Margaux and Aurélie.

And they posed for me. But underwater, can we really pose? Not here. Not here. They passed together in front of my objective, in the frame, by creating paintings with curved lines and baroque chords. Just by swimming. Abstract stories, according to the water, creating softness and fluidity.

A ballet of bodies.

They are not role models. They are muses. They are everything in reality.

Without them in my frame, it would only be a lifeless, black background. They come to bring their femininity, their curves, their sensuality. They bring life. They bring everything.

Without them, these paintings do not exist.

They are these paintings.

They are.


My Approach

Why Water. A rejection of the real world, the one above the surface. Underwater, it is another world, pure, bodies without artifice, without constraint. A freer world after all. A world of silence, a return to basics.

Why naked women. In this idea of purity. There is no room for false pretenses. Simply bodies as they are at the origin. Without rules, without norms, without everything that the world above the surface imposes.


Divers and freedivers express it, it is a world out of time, out of terrestrial constraints. In weightlessness. No noise, no blush.

A world of purity, between oneself and oneself, a liberating and liberated world, this is not just a pool, it is another world. A parallel world.

The press is talking about it!

A newspaper and its associated website in Reunion Island reported on this exhibition: Le JIR and Clicanoo.

Follow the link to read the article (in french) :

Article Exhibition ELLES


You can also read the article on this photo of the newspaper the JIR:

The vernissage

The vernissage took place on December 4, 2019 at the restaurant La Terrasse in Saint Gilles les bains. Relive the atmosphere of the evening in video.