“Mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, because so much love is flooding your pretty eyes. “said Henri Salvador

When S. contacted me with the desire to take pictures with her daughter and son, I knew right away that this underwater photo shoot was going to be crazy!

As a prerequisite for any underwater child session, I always ask if the youngest ones are comfortable in the aquatic environment, and if they like to put their heads in the water.

I was amazed by these two!!!!!! Mini F. from the top of his two years old went to the bottom, waved to me, and climbed back up on his own like a big one! Mini N. her, was very proud to show me her most beautiful mermaid costume. These two absolutely wanted to make the stars in front of my goal, what a joy!

That’s when the photo shoot turned into a big organized bazaar!
“How about putting balloons underwater? “And glitter too! ». Come on, come on!

And here we go, we go to inflate the balloons, and throw glitter in the pool (very nice to clean up after that!). But it’s worth it! First because our mini F and N had a great time, and then because the result is really nice and different!

A photo session underwater with your family is a real moment of happiness, all together!

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