“No friend is worth a sister.” Christina Rossetti

When R. contacted me, she explained to me that she wanted to take water photos with her sister A. who lives in mainland France and who had planned to come for a few weeks on vacation. The perfect opportunity!

It is also an opportunity for them to spend a day in the South discovering the Langevin River and its surroundings.

R. wanted to take the pictures in a natural environment, and what could be better in Reunion than the many basins! The water is translucent, the best for me to be able to take beautiful water photos.

After a 10-minute walk along the river on a small path, we finally reach the Trou Noir basin, overhung by a magnificent waterfall that emerges from the volcanic rock. A sublime place!

The girls were not afraid, and that’s the case because the water was very cold in May! But no matter, we spent more than an hour in the water, to show the bond that unites these two sisters who live so far from each other.

Beyond a photo session, it was above all a great time we spent together, swimming in the fresh waters of the river.

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