Manon. We met on a boat, during an organized outing to go swimming with the dolphins. We met again during a photo exhibition in Saint Gilles.

And here we are again! For an underwater portrait session with the aim of immortalizing the new haircut of the lady! Top African extensions/braids, but which on white hair, had a lifetime limited to two weeks.

For the first time I was able to test the flowers underwater, it’s so beautiful! So it makes me want to renew the experience with other varieties and styles!

Manon had a great time in the water, and she tried on a lot of outfits!

Oh yes, I didn’t tell you! The pool was in the Mountain, and for those who know Reunion Island, they know that it is not the hottest place on the island!
And Manon as I told you, wanted to immortalize her African braids, and so she renamed herself “the octopus of the mountain”!

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